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September 22, 2021

Get to know the UW campus with Indigenous Walking Tour


The Burke?Museum?has always been a second home to?Owen?Oliver?(Quinault?Indian Nation?and Isleta Pueblo),?a recent University of?Washington?graduate. His father, Marvin Oliver, was a renowned artist, UW emeritus professor of American Indian Studies and adjunct curator at the?museum;?his?sister,?Lisa,?did her graduate research at the Burke.

During his senior year,?Owen?Oliver created a walking tour of?UW’s?Seattle campus, highlighting?the Indigenous presence on campus, including the Burke Museum, which is the first stop on the tour.

UW News met up with Oliver to ask about his inspiration for the tour, what he hopes people get out of it and to?assist in creating?a virtual map version.

Below is?the?virtual version of the tour you can use to guide yourself around campus as you read through?Oliver’s descriptions of each stop.

Read more about Oliver’s work as a UW student in this?“”?piece from January 2021.

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